Warped Book Mod 1.16.5

Minecraft Warped Book Mod

With this addon, your game character will learn magic and be able to quickly teleport home or anywhere else!

What the Mod Adds

Warped Book Mod is a small magic mod for Minecraft that allows you to quickly teleport into the world of the game. But in order to read the spell you will need to create magic books in advance, which will remember your coordinates, and after reading them, teleport you to that place. But do not forget that right after use, the magic book will disappear! So it’s better to create some magic scrolls beforehand and use them at the right moment.

New Crafting Recipes

Minecraft Warped Book Mod Crafting Recipes

Warped Book Mod Installation

  • Download and install the Forge Mod Loader
  • Download the mod for your version of Minecraft
  • Press Win + R
  • Paste %appdata%\.minecraft\mods and press OK
  • Move the mod files to this folder
  • Start the game and enjoy!

Should You Install It?

Warped Book Mod comes in handy for both battle lovers and players who spend time in caves. Now you’ll be able to quickly teleport from the scene of battle and save yourself, or you can instantly move back home if you’ve found lots of useful resources in a cave!

Updated at August 26, 2021
Game versions 1.16
Functionality tested on Minecraft 1.16.5
Genre Forge, Magic, Mods, Teleportation
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
Warped Book Mod 1.16.5 [Forge] 45.82KB

Warped Book Mod 1.16.5 Download Links

Warped Book Mod 1.16.5 [Forge]

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